Story of Steve

Who Is Steve?

A musical servant to the lord

Steve is a Gospel/Blues Folk Singer and Songwriter from Aberdeen, WA.

History of Steve

The Journey Begins

60's to now

Aberdeen, much talent and energy came from this small fishing/logging town. The accordion in grade school, a guitar on my 10th birthday,  listening to Wolf Man Jack Radio Show late at night, the desire to shred was born.

Rock to Restoration

Restoration Begins

2008 Commitment to jesus

My wife & I, Marianne, looked upon our lives and aside from the blessing of our union and love, knew there was more love, happiness and security available. We committed our lives to Christ and in return, Jesus had placed it on my heart to share through music, the trials and tribulations of myself and those around us. Sharing friends, family , sermons and current world events, Jesus gave me the words to communicate and I quickly abandoned my 30+ years of rock and undertook the Word of God as my battle cry.

Prayin' & Playin'

Bible & Baxster

REad and play

This is Baxster, my study patner. He loves to sit with me as I read my bible and offer honest feedback when I put pen to paper and string what I hear from the Lord.

Worship Ministry

Sunday Service

Playin' 4 the kingdom

Since 2013, I have had the privilege to express my heart and passion for Jesus through being a member of the Worship Band at Sunbreak every Sunday and event.